16 Amazing Car Cleaning hacks

16 Amazing Car Cleaning hacks

Cleaning your car is quick and easy when you know these 16 amazing car hacks!

Coffee Filters For Dusting

Coffee filter is perfect for wiping car dashboards, the center console and other parts. Details

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaner

Use a homemade car upholstery cleaning solution to help you tackle muddy mats. Details

Magic Eraser On Your Vinyl

Clean up your vinyl with a magic eraser, just like you would inside your home. Details

Car Cleaning Slime

Use it to pick up any dust and dirt in your car’s hard to reach. Details

Erase Stubborn Grime

Use a Magic Eraser to tackle stubborn dirt, dust, and grime in your car. Details

Olive Oil Dashboard Polish

Fully wipe off excess oil with your paper towels otherwise it’ll collect more dust. Details

Windshield Helper

A great for wiping condensation off the window in the winter. Details

DIY Leather Cleaning Solution

An old sock to a travel cup and wetting it with Windex can be an easy way to clean them. Details

Roll Up Seats

Roll up your seats and hunt for any spots you may have missed while cleaning. Details

Roll Down The Windows

Easy to just spray some cleaner on the window and wipe it down. Details

Clean Your Headlights

Combine it with toothpaste and slowly scrub it using a microfiber cloth. Details

Brush for Cleaning tiny and tight spaces

Gently brush the dirt and you’ll have a mess-free car seat in no time. Details

Give your car a shiny look

Add 2 good squirts of hair conditioner to a bucket of tepid water and wash your car using a microfibre cloth.  Details

Remove Junk

Use an old toothbrush and some soapy water to remove all of the built up grime. Details

Craft Brush

Master the art of cleanliness with some cheap to buy craft tools. Details

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