20 cute DIY craft for kids

20 cute DIY craft for kids

The ultimate list and guide to kids crafts. Easy crafts for kids that any age can do. Get inspired with so many easy and fun craft ideas.

DIY Nail Polish Marble Art

Let your kids dip into your stash of never-going-to-wear-again nail polish. Details

DIY Shell Memory Game

Collect shells on the beach and make them into a fun game. Details

DIY Funfetti Play Dough

Skip the cupcakes and make this sprinkle-packed, two-ingredient play dough. Details

DIY Pool Noodle Water Wall

Start using the pool noodles as makeshift swords. Details

DIY Ice Chalk

Make colored ice cubes that can decorate the driveway during one of those long, hot days at home. Details

Sock Snowmen

Make these snowmen and they really are easy to make and adorable. Details

Halloween Tea Lights

These cute little Halloween decorations are made using flameless tea lights and ping pong balls. Details

Cat in the Hat

Using pasta to make the cat’s hat. Details

Snowman Luminary

Such a cute mason jar snowman, and a luminary to boot. Details

Jingle Bells

All you need to make these cute little jingle bells is an egg carton, some paints, a few jingle bells and some yarn.  Details

Thanksgiving Turkey

This project looks like it would be a lot of fun to make. Details

Little Mermaids

This fun mermaid project is made with clothespins and paint. Details

DIY Toy Parachute

A paper napkin and some string is all you need to turn a figurine into a mini paratrooper. Details

Coffee Filter Pumpkins

This is a project that is easy and useful as a Fall decoration. Details

Tutu Tree

Bring a touch of Spring indoors with this tutu tree. Details

Toilet Tissue Angel

Make these angel ornaments to display on the Christmas tree. Details

Mommy Bird

Make table decorations like this and enjoy them for a month or more. Details

DIY Bubble Painting

Surprise your crew with an indoor-approved way to play with bubbles. Details

Monster Bites

Make a useful piece of décor for a kid’s room or anywhere you want to get a giggle. Details

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