20 amazing DIY craft ideas

20 amazing DIY craft ideas

Whether you need easy DIY wood projects, DIY crafts for adults, or easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, this list has you covered!

DIY Edible Sludge Sensory Play Slime

A fun and edible avatar of the slime called the edible sludge. Details


Create this simple boxwood and butterfly wreath perfect for spring. Details

Simple Rocket Space

This Simple Rocket Space Craft for Kids will keep students happily entertained with plenty of creative play. Details


Creative idea for kids to make in few minutes. Details

Simple Windsock

A simple, easy to make rainbow kids activity your kids will love making. Details


Make this hula hoop wreath for your front door. Details


A great idea make this little cement planters. Details

Descale your coffee maker

Let the solution brew halfway, then stop and let sit for 30 minutes before completing the cycle. Details

DIY Pallet Into Bath Shelf

Turn the taking bath into a big fun by making this superb wooden bath shelf with pallets. Details

Front Porch Spring Tour

A perfect country style look of your patio. Details

DIY Artsy Collages

A piece of paper loaded up with watercolor doodles, stickers and pictures. Details

DIY Mini Volcanoes

A lot more palatable when contained in a glass dish. Details

Coiled Raffia Basket

This Coiled Raffia Basket DIY project is simply gorgeous. Details

DIY Air Freshener Decoration

Really love this idea and that it doesn’t look like the run of the mill air fresheners. Details

Grass Heads

Your kids will never get enough of these crafty grass heads. Details

DIY Paper Rose Escort Cards

Outstanding paper rose escort cards have been made using the egg carton. Details

DIY Egg Carton Flowers

Mount two of such a flower on a canvas to make an interesting wall art frame. Details

DIY Poster Hanger

Bring some old schools vibes in your home decor with this french learning poster. Details 

Tackle Box Craft Kit Gift Basket

It the perfect idea to organize his belongings and store them well for the next use. Details

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