19 engaging DIY crafts for kids

19 engaging DIY crafts for kids

Ready for a fantastic crafting session with your kids or students? We have a ton of engaging craft for kids to make and you’ll find ideas for all ages here.

Paper Roll African Mask Craft

They look so realistic!! African masks may be treated as decor elements in many places. Details

Onion Print Snails

A Fun craft to make these cute onion stamped snails! Details

Emoji Door Hangers

You can customize it for two girls or two boys, They’ll look adorable any way! Details

Carrot Stamped Bugs

Use carrots to stamp out some adorable little lady bugs! Details

 Cupcake Liner Mushrooms

You can make umbrellas out of cupcake liners, it’s only natural that you make mushrooms too! Details

Button Flowers

Super quick and easy craft that anyone can make in some minutes. Details

Ribbon Wands

A simple, affordable, FUN spring craft that your kids will love- this one is for you. Details


A simple owl sketches, inlaying with matching colours. Details


A great idea and are perfect for Mothers Day. Details

Watermelon Slime

Slime for kids to make this summer in few minutes. Details


Make this cute handprint bunny craft for Easter, spring time. Details


Penguin Chick Puppets are so quick and easy to make and super cute. Details

Mouse Rocks

These work best with slightly elongated rocks. Details

DIY Sunflower Clay Bowls

It’s super easy to make and kids will be so proud to see it put to use. Details


A cute Halloween decoration and easy to make craft. Details

Fish clothes pins

Kids love to make these fish clothes pins. Details

Pencil Toppers

This pencil-topper project will keep the kids busy for a long time. Details

Coffee Filter Turkey

All you need to make this colorful turkey craft is a little paint and glue. Details

Egg Carton Flowers

Preschoolers and kindergarten kids will love making this egg carton owl. Details

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