22 best DIY project ideas

22 best DIY project ideas

We present you a bunch of creative DIY projects for your home that you need to make this season.

Star Trek Toilet Roll Printables

A super quick and super easy craft to make. Details

Pumpkin Paper Folding Activity

These look so cheery and smiley, perfect for preschoolers to try. Details

Cupcake Liner Octopus

Make octopus arms with cupcake liners and any ring-shaped food. Details

Stick Lanterns

Those mandala designs in particular add to the Diwali feel. Details

The festival of lights is nearly here and it's time to light up your home! Add some handmade charm to it with these easy DIY Paper Lanterns for Diwali.

Star Trek Quiet Book

There are so many little details and they’re all so perfect. Details

Pumpkin Lego Painting

This is a really easy and fun project to do. Details

Paper Butterfly Lantern

Love those colorful butterflies that are popping out and sharing the light inside. Details

Paper Plate Llama Heads

Add a flower for a sweet and innocent llama, or a pom pom headband. Details

Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes

Testing out this DIY rainbow tie dye shoe craft is for you. Details

Caterpillar Clothespin

You must try to make a multi color Caterpillar. Details

button clothespin daisy flowers

These button/clothespin/craft stick daisies are easy for kids to do. Details

Dish Brush Turkey

Make an adorable turkey craft with your children than at Thanksgiving. Details


Kids love keeping busy with crafts during Thanksgiving meal prep. Details

Corn Collage

Celebrate the excitement of fall harvest by engaging kids in this creative corn collage craft. Details

Paper Plate Vegetable Garden

Make an assortment of vegetables that they can ‘plant’ in yarn soil! Details

Leaf Dream Catcher

An autumnal makeover with this pretty dream catcher from Delineate your Dwelling. Details

Cute Owl DIY

This is perfect time to make this DIY for any spooky or Halloween night. Details


This Pineapple cup craft is a simple little project for the kids to enjoy this Summer. Details

Bee Cup

Make this Bee Cup Craft for Preschoolers in no time. Details

Literary Quote Scarf

It’s so simple, but makes for such a treasured and memorable gift. Details

Book Spine Art

This is sure to be a hit! Details

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