17 BEST Rock Painting Ideas

17 BEST Rock Painting Ideas

We gathered 17 of the BEST Rock Painting Ideas to share with you today. A Lots of painted stones for the garden that are easy to make as well.


These Magical DIY Unicorn Rocks are so simple to make and rock crafts are always a hit with kids and adults. Details

2. Safari Pet Rocks

kids love to make these cute and adorable pet rocks. Details

3. DIY Fairy Doors from Painted Rocks

Make fairy doors from painted rocks, and turn any old tree trunk into a magical fairy house. Details

4. Midnight Blues

Just painted these with acrylics and a very fine round brush. Details

5. Top Painted Rock Art Ideas With Quotes

Write your favorite quote on stone, Best for home decor. Details

6. Owl rocks

Make it by putting simple owl sketches, inlaying with matching colours. Details


Make painted rocks into simple and pretty spring flowers. Details

8. Polka dots, spirals, and wiggly lines

Just randomly draw dots, lines, or whatever expressions releasing tension. Details

9. Shiny heart rocks

Paint a heart and beautify them as your artistic soul roaming. Details

10. Animal Painted Rocks 

It’s just perfect, simple, fun, budget friendly and enjoyable. You may draw your favorite rabbits, tiger, elephant. Details


These are super cute garden rocks that you’ll be able to leave outside in the elements. Details


You and your kids will love to make this DIY cute craft. Details

13. DIY Garden Trinkets

Great ideas for DIY garden trinkets and yard decorations, to add some jewelry to your garden. Details

14. Chicks Painting on stone

A mother hen with her chicks is a cute and fun project to paint on rocks. Details

15. The Magic Rock

Amazing art on little rocks. Details

16. Blue Birdies

Super easy to make in just few minutes. Details

17. Colour blocked hearts

Pour your playful imagination on colourful stones with heart image in the middle. Details

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