15 new DIY cleaning ideas

15 new DIY cleaning ideas

Cleaning household things is very difficult if they get stains and spots on it. Today we bring 15 new DIY cleaning ideas that will surly help you to clean your household products easily.

1. Glass cooktop

Clean your Glass cooktop quickly easily and using the right way. Details

2. Make Your Home (and Everything in It) Smell Good

3. Clean A Microwave

C lean your microwave without using any harsh chemicals. Details

4. Spot Cleaning Carpet With a DIY Solution

More portable and easy cleaner and it works just as awesome. Details

5. Dryer Balls

Want to save the money,and time, There is an easy way to do this. Details

6. Brush Cleaning Routine

For cleaning your brushes you just need dish soap, Vinegar and some water. Details

7. Clean your Washing Machine

Use water, vinegar solution to clean whole machine easily. Details

8. Clean Slipcovers

A paste from Arm and Hammer Super Washing soda to spot clean any stains. Details

9. Removing Kitchen Sink Stains

Very simple and easy hack to remove any type of stains. Details

10. clean pots and pans

Best formula, use Vinegar, baking soda solution to clean pots and pans. Details

11. Clean A Top Loading Washing Machine

Clean your top loader machine the perfect way. Details

12. Cleaning makeup Brushes

Clean your makeup brushes in some few minutes with this easy trick. Details

13. Silver Shine Again

Quickest, easiest and very effective method to shine your old sliver. Details

14. Clean a Mattress

Ingredient use to clean mattress is baking soda and It was super easy and quick. Details

15. Microfiber Couch

Rubbing alcohol, some water and cleaning cloth best ingredients to clean couch. Details

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