Month: March 2017

15 Glorious DIY Shelves That Will Beautify Your Home

1. DIY IKEA: BUILD & ORGANIZE A CORNER SHELVING Check out this excellent corner shelving idea. Overall it looks great with the wood color. It will need some time and effort, but at the end, you will amaze with the new look of the room. Get the tutorial HERE 2. DIY IKEA: CORNER FLOATING SHELVES Floating corner shelves are simple to make and looks so creative and beautiful. By following this project you will make this easily and quickly, So make this simple by following step by step. Get the tutorial HERE 3. DIY Ikea: Corner Shelves Great Look! Great Idea! This project is...

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1. DIY Idea: Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid Gardening is not just to have good soil and a lot of sunlight, there are much of other things for beginner gardener to avoid. So here are some tips you can make to keep your garden looking fresh and lovely.  Get the tutorial HERE   2. DIY Idea: Dry Creek Bed Drainage Canal Here is a fantastic idea for your drainage canal problem. It is an Easy and cheap DIY project. Get the tutorial HERE 3. DIY Idea: Recycling ideas for a garden makeover Here are some of the best tips to...

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Best 10 Easy DIY Crafts To Make And Sell

1. DIY: FLORAL LETTER Here are beautiful arrangements of flowers. You will love the idea of adding flowers to her initials. Get the tutorial HERE 2. DIY: COLORFUL CLOTHESPIN TRIVETS What an excellent craft! Pretty and practical. This COLORFUL CLOTHESPIN Trivet is so useful that so can easily sell in the market and make some money. Get the tutorial HERE 3. DIY: Wood Arrows Here are something special arrow lovers. This beautiful wood arrows can be used for wall decorating. Have a great one! Get the tutorial HERE     4. Pottery Barn( Creative Mirror Idea) Now that is something that everyone will love to make because it’s straightforward and creative. Very easy to make, especially kids will love to try this beauty. Get the tutorial HERE 5. DIY: FRESH AND SUCCULENT Straightforward and beautiful planter for some decor. The succulent planter is lovely, but green plant inside the home can be something more special. Give it a try. Get the tutorial HERE 6. DIY: IRON TRANSFER TOTE Here is a super cool, easy way to roll transfer tote. From now you will have your tote own your clothes. This TOTE idea ‘s unbelievable! So sweet and easy!. Get the tutorial HERE 7. Diy: RIBBON BOOKMARKS Best gift for your book reader friends and family.Well after making one you will believe how easy is to make this ribbon bookmarks.Get the tutorial HERE 8. DIY: WASHI TAPE CRAFT Time to recycle MINT TIN...

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Best 12 Ingenious DIY Ikea Hacks You Should Must Try

1. DIY: Window Bench Tutorial (No-Sew) Do you have storage problem? Here is good looking window bench with storage space. Fabulous structure, it will take some time to make, but it’s easy to make. Get the tutorial HERE 2. DIY IKEA: INSPIRATION SMASHBOOK Time to find some inspiration around you and make it your part by adding it into this beautiful INSPIRATION SMASHBOOK. HERE is how to make it. 3. DIY IKEA: ELEMENT JAR NECKLACE Kids will love to make this fabulous element jar necklace. Just give it a try these are totally amazing and fun element jars. Click HERE to how to make...

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Best Chemical-Free Recipes for DIY Spring Cleaning

1. DIY: Best Cleaning Kit with the Homemade Cleaners Pretty smart kit with homemade cleaners. It is one of the best comprehensive DIY cleaning tools that everyone needs. Get the tutorial HERE 2. DIY: Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes Here is a must try non-toxic cleaning recipes that everyone need know.  Get the tutorial HERE   3. DIY: Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies Looks complicated to make but they are easy to make. With this little work, you can quickly clean your bathroom without much effort.  Get the tutorial HERE 4. DIY: Make Your Kitchen Cleaners Let’s save your money by making your kitchen cleaners instead...

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