Month: February 2017

10 Ways To Make Your Home Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been

1. DIY: Microwave Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier Do you find difficulting in cleaning, does it like a laborious task? Here are easy ways to clean your microwave with sustained and less effort.   Clean Out, Grime. Get the Tutorial HERE Fastest, easiest way to clean a microwave. Get the Tutorial HERE Natural Way To Clean Your Microven with lemon. Get the Tutorial HERE   2. 17 Ridiculous step to dusting that will blow your mind By using some proper accessory will make dusting one of the easiest and safe on your to-do list. Get the Tutorial HERE 3. 15...

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Best Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Here is my self-created best cleaning schedule that helps me to keep my house sparkle just like new. 😉 🙂 To view all week schedule just use right/left arrows and for tutorial scroll down Start From Monday BATHROOM: Clean sink, shower, and toilet Clean Mirror Wash Rugs Replace Towels Sweep Floor Clean Wall and baseboards   Start from Removing Hard Water Stains in a Toilet. This Diy hard stains removal from toilet will save your effort and time as well as money. Get the tutorial CLICK HERE CLEAN A PORCELAIN SINK This cleaning Diy quick cleaning tip will change your Porcelain Sink...

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Best Everyday To Do Cleaning List To Keep Your Home Sparkle

Remember: no one and no home: is perfect. Seeking to make home perfectly clean and sparkle is always everyone wants with no effort and time, but it’s not so easy. Running home like doing everything from cleaning, cooking, and shopping, etc. nowadays is so difficult. So here is a quick and easy guide to clean your home easily and fast. I have  Schedule here a cleaning routine that will help you much.  EveryDay To DO list 1. Bed Makes How To Clean A Mattress First waking up early in the morning always start your cleaning from your bed. Here is the best way...

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