Month: June 2016

12 Brilliant Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling

1. Deep Clean Your Kitchen Lots of great ideas! CONTINUE 2. Bathroom Cleaning: How to Remove Mold From Caulk the Easy Way! Is the caulk in your bathroom looking grimy and moldy? Remove that mold and get it back to pristine white with this easy method! CONTINUE 3. Cleaning Tip: Air Vents This tip will work for any vent CONTINUE 4. How to Clean a Shower Head Most people including me always forget cleaning the shower head CONTINUE 5. How to Remove Hard Water Here is how to use cheap plain white vinegar to get rid of hard water: CONTINUE 6. How...

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6 Effective DIY Home Cleaning Tutorials

Use these effective cleaning DIYs to get your house cleaned easily without much hustle. Instead working your ass off use these intelligent techniques to get your house cleaned after all. To view all tutorials just click the arrow buttons ! #1 Cleaning Grout Between Tiles Cleaning grout between tiles can be a hefty job if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, because the dirt keeps depositing and it get’s harder to clean it with time! But using some stuff which you can most probably find from your kitchen you can get them cleaned effectively Full Details Here #2 How to...

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